In Loving Memory

Over the years we have had the honor of knowing many wonderful pets. So many of your pets have touched our lives as they have your own. This page will be to remember those loved ones lost, to honor them and to keep their memories alive. If you have a pet you would like included on this special page please Email Us your favorite photo and a small biography about your pet.


In loving memory of our Burrnie cat.
He joined our Creekside family in 1994 and touched the hearts of all of us. He greeted all clients and patients as they walked in the door, donated blood to save the lives of many kittens, and was everyones friend. Burrnie will be forever missed by many!

SADIE ANN 12/10/1997-03/05/2011

Sadie Ann was my best girl for the last 13 years. Our home has an empty filling about it now. Bear (her buddy) now has a void in life also. She is terribly missed and will not be forgotten. LOVE MOMMY, DADDY, BEAR AND BANDIT

"Morris" and Dr. Jackson

This was my very first pet, Morris. He came into my life when I was three years old. He was so tolerant of all the torture I must have put him through. On an almost daily basis, he was dressed in doll clothes and pushed in a stroller down the sidewalk or carried up into the tree house for my tea parties. He was just a gentle, sweet cat. Many cats have come and gone in my life since then, but none have touched my heart the way that Morris did. He was truly a girl's best friend. Dr. Pam Jackson, shown here in 1975 with Morris the cat.


During my final year of veterinary school, I spent some time in Colorado on my externship. The local pet store, which obviously specialized in puppy mill puppies, donated a very small Pug to the practice where I was working. I was told to try to fix her up and if I failed, we would simply put her to sleep. If I succeeded, then they would find her a suitable home. I stayed an extra week to fix both of her luxating knee caps. Well, the rest is history. She came back to Indiana with me and was my constant companion from that time on. It seemed as if she instinctively knew that I was there to help her, and she was so grateful. It was me, however, who ultimately benefited from the loving bond that grew between us. Although she has been gone for many years now, I still miss her tiny footsteps today. Pam Jackson

"Missy" 1992 - May 3, 2010

Missy was an amazing cat, loved by many. We were so thankful to be allowed to use her photo on our senior pet page when we first built our website. Being such a healthy cat at such a ripe old age only proved what good preventative care can do to extend your best friends life. She will be sadly missed by her humans, who gave her their everything to make sure she not only had quantity of life, but most important quality of life. Thank you, Missy and your family for allowing us to showcase your photo to the world. The memories you've left behind will never be forgotten.

RAVEN (daddy’s pretty boy)


The size of the pet does not always equate with the amount of love we can feel for them. Shown here is Ethan Polen with his beloved rat, Ratatouille who passed April 16, 2009.

"BRUTUS" 1995-2009

Brutus was my constant companion for over 12 years. He came to me as a young adult dog and it didn't take long before we were best of friends. He stayed by my side through good and bad and you could always count on him to make you smile. A guardian to all who he met, he loved to sit with children and watch them. He would have given his life for any person he knew. There will never be another like him in our lives. We miss him terribly and will never forget our friend. Owner: George Quisenberry.


This was Zeke's favorite spot to sit looking out the window. He will be greatly missed by his family and dog buddy Gizmo. We had Zeke since he was a puppy. We love you, Zeke now you will be in peace and happy. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Bri, and Gizmo.


Casanova was my buddy, my guardian, and a great friend. I had him from the day he was born ( in my bed ewww). He was such an amazing dog and is missed so much by everyone that knew him.

CH Larkspurs Goodrunofbadluck AKA "GUNNER"

Gunner was my very first show dog and what a dog he was. This photo was us winning stud dog of the year and the 2000 German Wirehaired Pointer Nationals. He is what got me hooked on dog shows. We competed in conformation, field trials, hunt tests and NAVHDA. He always gave me his best. His life was tragically to short. He will always be missed but never forgotten. He was an amazing dog.


She was the first dog I ever imported from Europe. Vee was a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. She had the funniest personality. Never barked but howeled like a hound dog. Not so funny when we were hunting birds and she howled on point. She could always make you smile and everyone that met her just adored her clown like personality. Her kids miss her so much and no other dog could ever replace her. We sure do miss you Vee and hope you are running through the fields of heaven. Dale, Heather, Marisa and Robert.