The doctors and staff at Creekside Animal Hospital want to make your visit an enjoyable one. Not only for you, but especially for your pet(s). If you have never been to our office before we will have new client forms that we will need you to fill out prior to seeing the doctor - or you may print them from our website and bring them with you to your appointment. Our staff enjoys "bribing" pets to enjoy their visits with lots of cookies and animal appropriate snacks so please let us know if your pet has food allergies or gets car sick so that we do not cause any unwelcome issues for you.

In the waiting area, we will go over the needs of your visit for the day, note any problems that may have brought you here, we will weigh your pet (if they are over 20 pounds) and we may recommend procedures, vaccines or products depending on your pet's lifestyle. All of this information gets written down and put into the computer.

Sometimes we may be able to take you right back to an exam room, others you may have a wait until it's your turn. We have benches for you to relax while you wait both inside and outside of the clinic. Plenty of reading material and fun educational programming on our television above the scale.

When the room is clean and ready for you an assistant or technician will bring you and your pet into the exam room. Again they will ask about any concerns or reasons for your visit today as they go over the list given to them from the receptionist. They will make sure everything is correct, get your pet's medical notes started in their history for the day and then will leave the room in order to go and gather the supplies needed to complete your appointment. Within a few minutes, they will return with everything needed for the appointment and your pets veterinarian. At that time they will begin the physical exam and address any of your concerns you have that day. Our doctors want you to be the biggest part of your pet's medical care and our goal is to educate you in order for us to help you and your pet enjoy as many healthy years as possible together. Please ask any questions you might have - we are here to help!

Creekside Animal Hospital has some of the best medical technology that veterinary medicine has to offer. Should your pet require more than a physical exam or a routine vaccine visit, we are here to help. This is our surgical suite. At Creekside we use a sterile technique which means every instrument is sterilized in an autoclave, your pets surgical site is clipped with surgical clippers and then scrubbed until sterile, the doctors "scrub in" using sterile technique, wear a cap, mask, sterile gown, and sterile surgical gloves. All pets are hooked up to a full vital scan monitoring system which run an ECG monitor while the pet is under anesthesia, their Oxygen level, as well respiration rate. Registered Veterinary Technicians assist the doctors in surgery and monitor patients and machines the whole time during surgery. Each pet is treated with the utmost care during surgery. Creekside Animal Hospital uses gas anesthesia to offer the safest option possible for your pet's surgical needs. Pets are intubated (a tube is placed down the trachea) and the gas anesthesia mixed with oxygen is kept at a level that is ideal for each individual pet.