There are many facilities available for spaying or neutering your puppy or kitten. Creekside Animal Hospital prides itself on providing the best medical care possible for your pet. When exploring spay/neuter facility options, please make sure you are inquiring about important topics such as safety protocols, anesthetic protocols and monitoring, sterility, pain relief, etc. It is important to know what each facility offers in order to make the best decision for your pet.
Below are a few of the reasons we here at Creekside Animal Hospital believe we provide the best care for your pet.

  • Pre-surgical Exam—Helps evaluate that your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.
  • Pre-surgical Bloodwork—Evaluates your pet’s internal organs and blood cells, helping ensure your pet has no underlying conditions that need addressed prior to anesthesia.
  • Tailored Anesthetic Protocols—Every pet is different, therefore every medication used on your puppy or kitten has been specifically selected for him/her and the procedure he/she is undergoing.
  • IV Catheter—Provides an instant access to your pet’s vein. This helps in the case of an emergency if life-saving drugs are needed. It also helps achieve anesthesia more smoothly.
  • Sterility—Your pet’s procedure is performed in a sterile surgery suite by a surgeon in sterile cap, mask, gown, and gloves. The surgical instruments and suture are sterilized prior to use.
  • Anesthetic Monitoring—Your pet is monitored under anesthesia by a Registered Veterinary Technician and support team. Your pet’s heart rate, rhythm, blood oxygenation, and respiration are also monitored by high tech equipment.
  • Pain Relief—Your pet’s comfort is important to the staff at Creekside Animal Hospital. Your puppy receives a multi-modal approach to pain management to help ease the discomfort of the procedure.