The Registered or Certified Veterinary Technicians of Creekside (RVT) (CVT)

You hear the word "tech" or "technician" a lot in the animal world. There is a common misperception that all of the "non veterinarians" who work with the animals at the clinic are "techs". The truth is that to be a RVT/CVT requires much more than on the job training. You must be accepted into a RVT/CVT program at one of the Universities that offer this specialized program, and once graduated pass the state board examination. After gaining their RVT/CVT license they are required to attended continuing education classes every year in order to keep their license current. Those who hold the RVT/CVT license are the "RN's" of the animal world.


Registered Veterinary Technician / Technician Supervisor


Certified Veterinary Technician


Registered Veterinary Technician


Registered Veterinary Technician