Laparoscopic procedures are minimally invasive and generally provide quicker healing and recovery time. Laparoscopy also reduces bleeding and swelling for patients, making the recovery process easier.

Laparoscopic procedures are easier on your pet, meaning they will be back to their normal selves more quickly. It is our goal to provide the highest standard of veterinary medicine, and laparoscopy is one way we achieve that goal. Using state of the art medical equipment, our doctors are highly trained in performing laparoscopic procedures.

Using a laparoscope for surgical procedures has been gold star medicine protocol for at least the last 25 years in human medicine. Now, it is becoming the technique of choice in the veterinary field as well. Laparoscopy utilizes a tiny camera, inserted through a tiny incision into the surgical to provide the veterinarian better visualization than traditional methods. Also the procedures are frequently faster and less traumatic to the tissue causing less pain and faster healing time. 

Creekside has recently brought a laparoscope into the practice and is offering minimally invasive surgeries for our patients! We perform laparoscopic spays and stomach tacking currently. We look forward to learning to utilize this procedure for many other surgeries in the future. Upcoming treatments/diagnostics include: retained testicle neuters, organ biopsies, abdominal exploratory, and bladder stone removal. 

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